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Hairstyles For Your Letterman Jacket

Letterman jackets represent athletic achievement, membership on an exclusive team, and personal dedication to a sport. Showing off the love a sport is an important way to outwardly share who you are on the inside. But a letterman jacket can be taken off at any moment, if you really want to show people who you are, you need a haircut to match the jacket. Only the combination of the two makes you hardcore.

Now certain sports necessitate different looks. So lets begin with soccer.


For the 2014 FIFA World Cup athletes showed up in Brazil ready to show the world their talent, hairstyle design included:

Frosted tips as a surprisingly popular choice among athletes, apparently tried to revive the look of N’Sync. Brazilian star Neymar Jr. wore the sides cropped with the back and top spiky. Of course the tips were frosted but the real fashion statement came by inducing a prounounced two directional cow-lick.


Valon Behrami of Switzerland chose to frost his tips as well, but left more of a soft flowing design on his top, sides cropped.


The most outstanding doo  came for portugal’s pretty boy, Cristiano Ronaldo. He elected to carve a “Z” into the side of his head. All of these haircuts serve as viable inspirations for the young soccer players in our country.



Football stars similarly have a style of their own but the go-to choice is long flowing locks. Even ESPN addressed the issue at the end of the 2012 season. It’s undeniable, linebackers, wide receivers, lineman are all wearing their hair long. Equally noticeable are the stretchy skull caps worn by players to protect their long hair during the game. Long hair seems to increase the imposing stature and sheer intimidation factor of a player's appearance. But, according to the NFL official rule book it is legal to tackle someone by the hair. Which makes one wonder why offensive players would take the risk of losing a chunk from their scalp. Nevertheless, Troy Polamalu, Tom Brady, Charlie Whitehurst, Clay Matthews, Larry Fitzgerald, all have elected to grow their hair long and have become famous as a result.





No discussion of hairstyles in sports would be complete without at least a mention of hockey hair. Hockey players have elected one distinctive haircut for the past 30 years. That hairstyle is of course the mullet. Famous NHL mullets include ones worn by Jaromir Jagr, Wayne Gretzky, Guy Lafleur, Barry Melrose, and Patrick Kane.


The decision to wear a mullet requires some consideration. First, how many people do you associate with on a daily basis who are not hockey fans, because every non-hockey player or fan will not be able to grasp the meaning and importance of the hockey mullet, and will probably make fun of you. The second thing to consider is how much do you care about impressing non-hockey players. If you are hardcore enough, only the opinions of other hockey players matter, and they will think you are a rock star.


Whatever you choose, when you dawn your letterman jacket, wear your sport with pride, and remember, if you want to take your look to the next level, match your jacket with the sport appropriate haircut.

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Letterman Sweaters vs. Jackets

Letterman jackets have always been an icon for students in high school or college with high achievements since 1865. It all started with the baseball team of Harvard university. At first, the baseball team came up with the letter sweater. Letter jackets are for high school or college students to show their awards earned in academics, sports, or activities. Schools usually hand out the letter for the students to put on their jackets.

In recent years, the letterman jacket has been brought back to the fashion trend. There are large clothing retail companies that sell jackets similar to letterman jackets. They came up with pull-over sweaters, hoodies, cardigans, etc. All of this clothing has stripes on the sleeves and letters on the body. The style of the letterman jacket is very unique and casual. Almost everyone in high school will have one. So, the real question is, how do you stand out from the crowd?

At Build Your Jacket, you can create your own customized baseball jacket with artwork of your choice. You will never have to worry about matching jackets with random strangers, ever again. You get to choose the color, the kind of sleeve, the length of the sleeves, the lining style, collar style, trim style, etc. Moreover, you have 30 colors to choose from for each part of the jacket from something as detailed as the trim to the body. Still need more options? You can add an inside pocket at the location of your choice.

You can have artwork on your jacket; we provide over five hundred unique artworks, and you can also upload your own artwork. You can also freely adjust the size of the artwork and choose the wording on your jacket. You have eight stylish fonts and over seventy colors to choose from.

You get to design the whole jacket by yourself. After you have designed it, you can also share it on Pinterest to give your friends and family a birthday gift idea. We only use the finest heavyweight wool blend available for our custom USA made jackets and we provide high quality leather.

We have been in business for over 40 years, and we have worked with a lot of high schools, companies, and even celebrities. We have done jackets for companies like State Farm, and celebrities like Chris Brown and Snoop Dogg. The letterman history may have started with the sweater, but when you need to choose between a sweater or jacket, the jacket is here to stay.

Need I say more?

If you want to get multiple jackets, let us know. We do offer special discount for large groups. Recently, we have added the letterman sweater to the list of custom appeals that we do, in case you want to celebrate the letterman roots. It is just more style, more options for you. Visit Build Your Jacket today to start designing your own jacket!


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High School Spirit

What is high school all about? Is it about math class, competing with each other to get the best grade, hard core studying every night, and staying up late to read the last chapter of your economics book? No. High School is all about relationships, sure it’s important to focus on school and get the grades you need to get into college, but the main focus for high school attendees is how to have fun and who to do it with.

When asked what one of their best memories about high school was, students Brian Bedford from Casa Roble High in Orangeville, CA, and Kacey Johnson, recent graduate from Roseville High in Roseville, CA,  responded with,

“The best memories from high school are being with friends, the water polo team, playing sports, and being in class with friends,” Bedford said.

“The best memory of high school is making friends and creating relationships with the staff,” Johnson said.

Both students recall their friendships, and where are friendships made? At school and sporting events, of course. Friday night football is the best way to get friends together, and to meet other people you’ve been meaning to talk to. Students of all grades will get decked out in their school colors, letterman jackets, paint their faces, and sometimes even color their hair.

School spirit face paint and school colors

“My favorite sporting event was always football games because we have incredible school spirit; and, my favorite school activity would be The Lip Dub we did every year because the school comes together to create and show off our pride to other high schools,” Johnson said.

School spirit is rampant at places like the football stadium, basketball gym, track, and at rallies.

high school football

“The best school event would be school rallies and Ram-o because everyone is having fun and people grow friendships,” said Bedford.

High school is the best time to go crazy with school spirit and show off how proud of your friends and teammates you are. It seems that the crazier you get, the more friends you are able to make.

So take the time to have fun friends, enjoy your high school experience, go to every football game whether you’ve got the number one team or not, and go crazy with school spirit.

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Goofy Clubs and Deserving Causes

If there’s one thing that makes any school or university more interesting, the opportunity to join a wide array of interesting clubs and societies can give you a break from the daily grind. Spending time with those who share your same obsession for specific topics or activities can truly be a satisfying experience. Whether to explore new interests, have intellectual conversations, or simply laugh at those who join, academic clubs definitely have their place in society. This article contains the most interesting and bizarre school clubs that exist around the country. Perhaps it’s time you find your true friends.

People Watching Club


Considered an art and a science by many psychologists, a surprising amount of clubs have been founded in order to further explore the benefits of people watching. Much of the reasoning for the club is based on the opportunity to further understand human behavior and action. A main goal is to observe and recognize the beautiful and unseen moments of the day that many fail to appreciate due to rush of the day. Quite often the club will dedicate hours together watching large groups of people in public areas or even singling out specific people to observe them in their daily routine. Needless to say, many awkward moments are had between the observers and the subject.

Mustache Club

Mustache Smiley Face

Stumbling through centuries of trends and fashion statements, the versatile facial hair that finds itself growing above the upper lip has lured an official group of students at Carleton College, Minnesota. The Mustache Club is an organization dedicated to providing volunteer labor while at the same time promoting the beauty and unforgiving charm that the mustache displays. At first thought the club may indeed appear as a gender specific group, however, the organization welcomes all genders just as long as they are willing to “make a valiant effort in producing a moustache”. With the graceful nature of the moustache often becoming soiled by “alternative” lifestyles, the Mustache Club does an incredible job counteracting this perception by dedicating thousands of hours to volunteer charity work. If you find yourself constantly daydreaming of the variety of moustaches that exist in the world, this may be the perfect club to find a new fulfilling lifestyle.


black dragon drawing

The mystical and powerful influence of the mythical dragon  throughout history has often led many to ask the question, “Do dragons actually exist?” The firebreathing ever-so powerful creature has appeared throughout popular motion pictures and stories and now has garnered a group of followers dedicated to studying the history and biological makeup of the dragon. Thought of as pioneers in creating a club dedicated to the mythical creature, many students from Lone Peak High School hope that others will follow their ways in unearthing answers to the mystery of the dragon. Many members hope to one day find the remains of a real dragon and hopefully, through modern technology, recreate and birth a new fleet of dragons to roam the earth. Dragonology club accepts anyone who is willing to dedicate time to discovering new information about dragons.

Squirrel Appreciation Club


Students at Michigan University have found an undying love and dedication to the furry appeal of the squirrel. In just two years since it was founded in 2002, the club became the largest student club at Michigan University in 2004 and continues to grow in squirrel lovers today. The club’s mission is a strict dedication to the feeding and welfare of the squirrels on campus. Often group meetings will consist of large feedings of peanuts to squirrels all over campus. What exactly lures students to the club? “No stress, no dues, just the pure joy of having a squirrel take a peanut out of your hand.” Many have theorized that since the establishment of the club, squirrels from all parts of the nation have come to visit, if only for a moment, to enjoy the blessings of the Squirrel Club. If you are so inclined to join the ranks of the Squirrel Club yourself, they also sell T-shirts to support their cause.

There are many things in the world to appreciate and recognize, and also many things to ignore, in any the case, the school club was invented to be dedicated to whichever cause you choose. However, as many may know, a true club would never go unnoticed with bleak apparel. Build Your Jacket is here to unite your club and customize the most incredible letterman jacket for you and your members to enjoy. Whether it’s squirrels, dragons, mustaches, or people-watching, Build Your Jacket is here to customize the perfect jacket for your club. Create one today!


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Celebrities Before They Were Famous

We’ve all had horrible pictures taken when we were younger. More often than not, they can be pretty embarrassing and perfect for a blackmail gag. There are many reasons why an old picture might be humiliating: outdated fashion, horrible haircuts, braces, awkward poses, pimples, baby fat, the list goes on and on. Most of us would rather hide such pictures in a shoebox deep in the closet, or better yet, burn them into oblivion. It’s much harder now days with Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram to escape these haunting pictures, especially with trends like #throwbackthursday or #flashbackfriday. Luckily, even our favorite celebrities (including some that are now considered some of the most beautiful people in the world) were not able to escape some hilariously hideous photos of their youth. See if you can recognize these celebrities before they were famous:

 Charlize Theron as a child

Though this picture was taken long before glasses became so stylish, you can still see the potential beauty underneath. Take off the glasses, let down the hair, and you have the premise of She’s All That, but this time with real life beauty, Charlize Theron.

Charlize Theron



Brad Pitt in high school


Some ladies may still be able to recognize that smile and those eyes, but the hair definitely dates this picture. He has definitely gone through some crazy hair phases, even in his celebrity years, but I think we’d all like to forget the hairdos of the 80s. Women want him and men want to be him. Ladies and gentlemen, Mr. Brad Pitt.

 Brad Pitt




The infectious smile is still there, but the bangs have got to go. Luckily, this Oscar-winning actress has made numerous fashion statements throughout her career. It didn’t take long for this girl next door to win over millions of hearts and become America’s sweetheart, Sandra Bullock.

Sandra Bullock



Pamela Anderson in high school


This one may be a little more difficult. Still not seeing it? The picture was taken long before she became the bombshell from Baywatch and Playboy Magazine. Do you see it yet? That’s right, it’s Pamela Anderson.

Pamela Anderson



Matthew McConaughey in high school


Ah Prom. Whether we have fond or disastrous memories of that high school milestone, it’s almost a rite of passage for teenagers, even recent Oscar winner, Matthew McConaughey. He kinda lucked out with this pic; not as embarrassing as it could have been. Although the blue tie doesn’t help much with the white balloons and forest green carpeting. Luckily, he still cleans up pretty well.

Matthew McConaughey



Katy Perry as a child


What’s not to love about this picture? The outfit, the haircut, the hands perfectly positioned one over the other, it’s gold! These days, this starlet’s fashion sense makes a much bolder statement, not to mention striking looks, and a commanding stage presence. It’s none other than Katy Perry!

Katy Perry



Avril Lavigne in high school


Before she was making her stamp on the pop rock scene, this simple girl was merely trying to survive her teenage years. Perhaps it was during this time that she fell for her first “Sk8er Boy.” You guessed it, it’s Avril Lavigne.

Avril Lavigne



Dave Grohl as a kid


This young rocker may not be as familiar of a face to some, but those who love rock and roll music, and who know their rock history, may be able to guess this drummer turned lead singer. Still not seeing it? It’s Mr. Dave Grohl, former drummer of the revolutionary band Nirvana, and current frontman for the mega-hit band, the Foo Fighters.

David Grohl from Foo Fighters



Channing Tatum as a kid

It looks like this heartthrob was trying to win over the ladies even in his early days. It would be years before he made his way onto the big screen in hits like Step-Up and 21 Jump Street. Have you guessed yet? Mr. Channing Tatum.

Channing Tatum



Jennifer Lawrence as a kid


You may be able to guess who this middle schooler turned out to be. I wonder if she’s telling her friend on the other end of the flip phone how she is going to be the queen of Hollywood some day. Well, if you know anything about Jennifer Lawrence, you know she’s way too humble to have ever thought she’d be where she is today. That’s why we love her.

Jennifer Lawrence



Jamie Foxx when he was younger


He sure has come a long way since graduation day. Luckily, he ditched the Lionel Richie haircut on his way to becoming an Oscar winner for his performance as Ray Charles in the hit film, Ray. Not to mention his awesome turn as the vengeful Django in Tarantino’s smash, Django Unchained. Thank you, Jamie Foxx.

Jaime Foxx



Kaley Cuoco as a child


Many years before she moved into an apartment across the hall from some socially awkward geniuses, young Kaley Cuoco was just a regular girl next door. Now, she lullabies eccentric theoretical physicists when they’re sad or sick on the hilarious sitcom, The Big Bang Theory.

Kaley Cuoco



Rihanna as a child


It’s not hard to see how this pretty little girl would turn into a strikingly beautiful woman. This amazingly talented singer was born to be a star. We all thank Rihanna for fulfilling that dream and sharing her voice with the world.





Zooey Deschanel as a kid

Before she ever teamed up with aforementioned Joseph Gordon Levitt in the charming comedy, (500) Days of Summer, young Zooey Deschanel was just trying to survive her adolescence like the rest of us. Thankfully, she figured out what to do with those bangs, and everyone has been trying to copy her ever since.

Zooey Deschanel

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