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Goofy Clubs and Deserving Causes

If there’s one thing that makes any school or university more interesting, the opportunity to join a wide array of interesting clubs and societies can give you a break from the daily grind. Spending time with those who share your same obsession for specific topics or activities can truly be a satisfying experience. Whether to explore new interests, have intellectual conversations, or simply laugh at those who join, academic clubs definitely have their place in society. This article contains the most interesting and bizarre school clubs that exist around the country. Perhaps it’s time you find your true friends.

People Watching Club


Considered an art and a science by many psychologists, a surprising amount of clubs have been founded in order to further explore the benefits of people watching. Much of the reasoning for the club is based on the opportunity to further understand human behavior and action. A main goal is to observe and recognize the beautiful and unseen moments of the day that many fail to appreciate due to rush of the day. Quite often the club will dedicate hours together watching large groups of people in public areas or even singling out specific people to observe them in their daily routine. Needless to say, many awkward moments are had between the observers and the subject.

Mustache Club

Mustache Smiley Face

Stumbling through centuries of trends and fashion statements, the versatile facial hair that finds itself growing above the upper lip has lured an official group of students at Carleton College, Minnesota. The Mustache Club is an organization dedicated to providing volunteer labor while at the same time promoting the beauty and unforgiving charm that the mustache displays. At first thought the club may indeed appear as a gender specific group, however, the organization welcomes all genders just as long as they are willing to “make a valiant effort in producing a moustache”. With the graceful nature of the moustache often becoming soiled by “alternative” lifestyles, the Mustache Club does an incredible job counteracting this perception by dedicating thousands of hours to volunteer charity work. If you find yourself constantly daydreaming of the variety of moustaches that exist in the world, this may be the perfect club to find a new fulfilling lifestyle.


black dragon drawing

The mystical and powerful influence of the mythical dragon  throughout history has often led many to ask the question, “Do dragons actually exist?” The firebreathing ever-so powerful creature has appeared throughout popular motion pictures and stories and now has garnered a group of followers dedicated to studying the history and biological makeup of the dragon. Thought of as pioneers in creating a club dedicated to the mythical creature, many students from Lone Peak High School hope that others will follow their ways in unearthing answers to the mystery of the dragon. Many members hope to one day find the remains of a real dragon and hopefully, through modern technology, recreate and birth a new fleet of dragons to roam the earth. Dragonology club accepts anyone who is willing to dedicate time to discovering new information about dragons.

Squirrel Appreciation Club


Students at Michigan University have found an undying love and dedication to the furry appeal of the squirrel. In just two years since it was founded in 2002, the club became the largest student club at Michigan University in 2004 and continues to grow in squirrel lovers today. The club’s mission is a strict dedication to the feeding and welfare of the squirrels on campus. Often group meetings will consist of large feedings of peanuts to squirrels all over campus. What exactly lures students to the club? “No stress, no dues, just the pure joy of having a squirrel take a peanut out of your hand.” Many have theorized that since the establishment of the club, squirrels from all parts of the nation have come to visit, if only for a moment, to enjoy the blessings of the Squirrel Club. If you are so inclined to join the ranks of the Squirrel Club yourself, they also sell T-shirts to support their cause.

There are many things in the world to appreciate and recognize, and also many things to ignore, in any the case, the school club was invented to be dedicated to whichever cause you choose. However, as many may know, a true club would never go unnoticed with bleak apparel. Build Your Jacket is here to unite your club and customize the most incredible letterman jacket for you and your members to enjoy. Whether it’s squirrels, dragons, mustaches, or people-watching, Build Your Jacket is here to customize the perfect jacket for your club. Create one today!


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