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Hairstyles For Your Letterman Jacket

Letterman jackets represent athletic achievement, membership on an exclusive team, and personal dedication to a sport. Showing off the love a sport is an important way to outwardly share who you are on the inside. But a letterman jacket can be taken off at any moment, if you really want to show people who you are, you need a haircut to match the jacket. Only the combination of the two makes you hardcore.

Now certain sports necessitate different looks. So lets begin with soccer.


For the 2014 FIFA World Cup athletes showed up in Brazil ready to show the world their talent, hairstyle design included:

Frosted tips as a surprisingly popular choice among athletes, apparently tried to revive the look of N’Sync. Brazilian star Neymar Jr. wore the sides cropped with the back and top spiky. Of course the tips were frosted but the real fashion statement came by inducing a prounounced two directional cow-lick.


Valon Behrami of Switzerland chose to frost his tips as well, but left more of a soft flowing design on his top, sides cropped.


The most outstanding doo  came for portugal’s pretty boy, Cristiano Ronaldo. He elected to carve a “Z” into the side of his head. All of these haircuts serve as viable inspirations for the young soccer players in our country.



Football stars similarly have a style of their own but the go-to choice is long flowing locks. Even ESPN addressed the issue at the end of the 2012 season. It’s undeniable, linebackers, wide receivers, lineman are all wearing their hair long. Equally noticeable are the stretchy skull caps worn by players to protect their long hair during the game. Long hair seems to increase the imposing stature and sheer intimidation factor of a player's appearance. But, according to the NFL official rule book it is legal to tackle someone by the hair. Which makes one wonder why offensive players would take the risk of losing a chunk from their scalp. Nevertheless, Troy Polamalu, Tom Brady, Charlie Whitehurst, Clay Matthews, Larry Fitzgerald, all have elected to grow their hair long and have become famous as a result.





No discussion of hairstyles in sports would be complete without at least a mention of hockey hair. Hockey players have elected one distinctive haircut for the past 30 years. That hairstyle is of course the mullet. Famous NHL mullets include ones worn by Jaromir Jagr, Wayne Gretzky, Guy Lafleur, Barry Melrose, and Patrick Kane.


The decision to wear a mullet requires some consideration. First, how many people do you associate with on a daily basis who are not hockey fans, because every non-hockey player or fan will not be able to grasp the meaning and importance of the hockey mullet, and will probably make fun of you. The second thing to consider is how much do you care about impressing non-hockey players. If you are hardcore enough, only the opinions of other hockey players matter, and they will think you are a rock star.


Whatever you choose, when you dawn your letterman jacket, wear your sport with pride, and remember, if you want to take your look to the next level, match your jacket with the sport appropriate haircut.

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