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High School Spirit

What is high school all about? Is it about math class, competing with each other to get the best grade, hard core studying every night, and staying up late to read the last chapter of your economics book? No. High School is all about relationships, sure it’s important to focus on school and get the grades you need to get into college, but the main focus for high school attendees is how to have fun and who to do it with.

When asked what one of their best memories about high school was, students Brian Bedford from Casa Roble High in Orangeville, CA, and Kacey Johnson, recent graduate from Roseville High in Roseville, CA,  responded with,

“The best memories from high school are being with friends, the water polo team, playing sports, and being in class with friends,” Bedford said.

“The best memory of high school is making friends and creating relationships with the staff,” Johnson said.

Both students recall their friendships, and where are friendships made? At school and sporting events, of course. Friday night football is the best way to get friends together, and to meet other people you’ve been meaning to talk to. Students of all grades will get decked out in their school colors, letterman jackets, paint their faces, and sometimes even color their hair.

School spirit face paint and school colors

“My favorite sporting event was always football games because we have incredible school spirit; and, my favorite school activity would be The Lip Dub we did every year because the school comes together to create and show off our pride to other high schools,” Johnson said.

School spirit is rampant at places like the football stadium, basketball gym, track, and at rallies.

high school football

“The best school event would be school rallies and Ram-o because everyone is having fun and people grow friendships,” said Bedford.

High school is the best time to go crazy with school spirit and show off how proud of your friends and teammates you are. It seems that the crazier you get, the more friends you are able to make.

So take the time to have fun friends, enjoy your high school experience, go to every football game whether you’ve got the number one team or not, and go crazy with school spirit.

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