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Nerds in Letterman Jackets

Are you tired of being a nerd? You may be the best player on your high school’s chess team, but this doesn’t mean that you don’t have a chance at being cool.

A letterman jacket can transform you like you’ve never imagined. No longer will you be the nerd who sits all by himself during lunch time. Soon enough, you’ll be one of the cool kids - and you’ll probably even get a spot on your high school’s varsity football team.

Don’t believe us? Take a look at some of these amazing transformations that occurred the instant they slipped on their brand new letterman jacket:



A classic nerd. Glasses, bowtie, high socks, suspenders - you can’t get nerdier than that. You may think there is no hope for this guy, but think again. A little really can go a long way...


 Cool guy in letterman jacket

Instantly famous!


Chess Team

This group of guys may be one of the best chess teams around. Let’s see what letterman jackets can do for them...





Nerdy Girl with play glasses and nose


Uh oh. This girl definitely has a bad case of nerd. Get rid of the glasses and facial hair and add a letterman jacket and...


Model in Letterman Jacket

Picture from Forever 21


Do you have a case of the nerd? We can fix that. At Build Your Jacket, not only do we provide you with a high-quality, inexpensive jacket that will make you the most popular kid in school, but you get to design it exactly the way you want. Hurry and get yours before the other nerds in your school get one and it’s too late!



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